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All the product contents are under Category(shape) -> Segment(function).


Editor's benefit

1) Donation info of Text Message can be displayed proportional to contribution rate.

Power user's benefit

Power user has some additional benefits.
1) Personal banner box

2) Colored message box (if no appropriate banner is found)
And more..

Calculation of contribution rates

Contribution rate = Base rate + Action rate
* Base rate : Manager(5), Staff(2), System(5 + Additional active editor number)
* Action rate : Remaining rate(100 - Sum of base rates) * Editor's edited length / Total edited length
* Proposal is merged : Proposer(Changed length), Reviewer(Changed amount * 10%)
* Proposal is rejected : No change
* Proposer's changed length is positive when added, negative when subtracted.
* Changed amount = absoulte value of changed length, abs(Changed length)
* Ex 1. Merged of +23 = Proposer(+23), Reviewer(+2)
* Ex 2. Merged by -27 = Proposer(-27), Reviewer(+2)

Editor's role

Editors have the following authorities.
Manager : Proposal, Decision, Invitation, Accepting new editor, Setting
Staff : Proposal, Decision
General : Proposal

Promotion and Demotion

* Inactivity Demotion : Long term inactive editors (except System editor) will be demoted order of [Manager -> Staff -> General -> Quit]
* Vacancy Succession : If there's no Manager, Manager rols will be succeeded to order by 1) Staff with high contribution rate, 2) Staff with low contribution rate, 3) General with high contribution rate, 4) General with low contribution rate.
* Unoccupied Content : User will be joined and promoted to Mananger instantly when applying for an Unoccupied content(Content with no active editor).

Promotion Demotion
Manger By adding a new product content
Vacancy succession
Applying for an Unoccupied content
Appointed by manager
No action over 180 days
Staff Appointed by manager No action over 180 days
General When a new proposal is merged.
Appointed by manager
No action over 90 days

Quit for editor

Edited count/length are lost when an editor is quitted. Quit for editor is regarded as lost of roles and interests.
Editor count/length in personal profile are preserved.
* Inactivity Demotion : Quitted when a general editor is demoted.

Auto management

* Accept power user's applying for an editor automatically.
* Merge power user's proposal automatically.